Employing cutting edge technologies covering a wide range of fields from behavioral analytics and cloud computing to heuristic mechanisms and adaptive algorithms, the installCore platform offers an optimal solution for the electronic distribution of software.

Today's installCore platform is built on over 5 years of dynamic development

Installation Analytics

installCore’s analytics allow publishers and advertisers to dissect their data in a multitude of dimensions, giving them a complete understanding of their traffic and helping them optimize their campaigns.

installCore leverages big data to bring advertisers and publishers hourly reports of their advertisement and PPI performance. Between reports publishers enjoy in-depth displays of their PPI performance on the analytics dashboard. They can choose to see their revenues by geo-location, channel, and many more parameters

installCore Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard is also available to advertisers, giving them a wealth of information to help segment their audiences. installCore’s dedicated account managers help advertisers reach their desired traffic sources and make adjustments mid-campaign.

Real-Time Monitoring

Tracking millions of daily downloads gives installCore the ability to react to abnormalities with unparalleled agility. installCore’s big data processing alerts clients when it detects an unexpected decline in successful downloads and many other monitored KPI’s. Real-time monitoring gives deep insights on optimizing offers within the download, and helps clients recover faster when issues arise.

Download Accelerator

The installCore installation client has an integrated Download Accelerator module to easily and securely download the installation components to users’ machines.

installCore data centers

Most installers only retrieve data using one connection to one server, creating bottlenecks and not utilizing the entire bandwidth available to the user thus having a slower download process. The Download Accelerator overcomes these bottlenecks  by spreading the demand over many globally-positioned data centers. installCore maximizes the potential of the user’s bandwidth by downloading compressed streams of data simultaneously from several remote locations. These industry-leading acceleration algorithms may reduce download time by over 25%.

CDN Hosting

As an additional service, installCore’s global data centers can host installers to provide smoother downloads to end-users. These servers are widely distributed and give high bandwidth for storing and transferring all ranges of files. CDN hosting through a reliable infrastructure also affords greater network defense against denial of service attacks.

Data Compression

To make downloading even faster and more reliable, installCore developed a proprietary and unique compressed data format which ensures the file reaches its intended destination and prevents damage or corruption along the way.  installCore will discretely redownload corrupted files so users receive their software in good, secure condition.

Pure HTML/JavaScript Based Installers

installCore’s HTML and JavaScript based installers are extremely flexible, allowing for swift updates and maintenance. These two technologies also boost the UI capabilities for the installation process giving installCore the ability to display dynamic visuals and high-performing designs.

Full Windows API Support and Capabilities

The platform provides the developer with access to the windows API on target machines.  Developers may load and execute dynamic link libraries, access Windows Registry, access the File System, create shortcuts, use Tray Icon, execute files and more.

Optimized Footprint

There are many potential pitfalls between the initiation and completion of a download. By running a small and efficient installer footprint, installCore downloads keep the user’s attention from beginning to end.

The installCore installer footprint is only about 600 KB, allowing users to continue with the download almost instantly after they run the installer. Within a smaller time frame, users are less likely to forget the download or lose internet connection, thus dramatically boosting the download-to-run ratio.

Built-in Uninstall Capabilities

installCore offers easy uninstall capabilities for publishers and for any additional products advertised with the central software. Upon request, uninstall options will be made available to ensure a high level of compliance from all participants in the download.

Complete Localization

Every installer from installCore is flexible enough to display in any modern language. The platform offers full Unicode support including RTL and Far East languages.

Furthermore, installCore’s dedicated QA team rigorously checks to make sure the text displays in accordance with the geographic location and the other elements of the offer. Publishers and advertisers can rest assured that their offers are not getting lost in translation, all while maintaining strong messaging with a branded installer.

Support for All Major Windows OS Versions

installCore supports all major Windows OS. These systems include, but are not limited to, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1, both for  32 and 64-bit systems. The QA team proactively tests installCore’s installers on each new operating system even before they are released to the general public.

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