For software companies, the downloading and installation of their products can be one of the most important parts of the customer experience. This point in a consumer’s interaction with a business will be where an issue occurs that causes the individual to cancel or delete a product, rather than successfully finish the installation. From providing more interaction with the customer to ensuring optimized download speeds, a firm should do everything it can to enhance the overall experience and minimize the risk that a customer will abandon its service.

During a negative downloading or installation experience, a customer’s opinion of a brand and potential to purchase products will diminish quickly. Beyond this, however, such a consumer is more likely to report a negative experience online, affecting the company’s overall reputation. This will affect profits and a firm’s bottom line, and be difficult to recover from.

As such, companies need to ensure that they are using the best installer for their products. Integrated A/B testing, analytics and more will allow firms to pinpoint bottlenecks in the process, enhance download speeds and more – improving the overall experience while utilizing more efficient processes. These tools have additional benefits as well, such as improving installer program monetization.

Companies have to look at the solutions they provide and the evolution of consumer expectations on the internet and make sure that these two factors align properly. A sub​-par software installer will drastically affect a customer or potential customer’s decision to invest further in a firm, and loss will occur unless measures are taken to redirect the experience in a positive way.

One important step that firms should take is investing in a branded installer. This will allow a company to customize the overall experience and ensure that its brand is the first and last thing a customer thinks of during the process. Once this is accomplished, the focus should be on fast and problem-free downloading and installation. InstallCore can help companies improve their download speeds by up to 45 percent and increase install completion by 30 percent through top quality testing and analytics. This ensures that not only the back end but also the program’s UI is optimized for the user experience.

By investing in the right tools, firms can maximize the positive download experience and minimize customer loss easily, and ensure that future efforts go smoothly as well.

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