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Monetization Partners Policy | installCore

[Last updated: December 12, 2013]

This Monetization Partners Policy (the “Policy”) has been updated on December 12, 2013. By continuing to use the InstallCore Platform and/or enjoy its features following such date, you indicate that you have read and agree to the updated Policy.

Ironsource (“we” or “our” or “us”) is committed to keeping the InstallCore Platform clean and safe and provide a positive experience to individuals or entities who use and/or install any software application that includes a Monetization Service (as defined below) via the InstallCore Platform ("Software App"), therefore if you are an ISV (as defined below), you must follow and comply with all the terms of this Policy as listed below. Defined terms used here have the same meaning as in your agreement with us.

1. Definitions.

1.1 “ISV” means a third party independent software vendor who’s Software App including a Monetization Services, is offered via our platform.

1.2 “Monetization Service(s)”  means any advertisements, promotional materials or services, or any other monetization element or feature integrated within the Software App, such as search,  widgets, browser buttons, and in-screen and/or inbrowser advertisement. Monetization Service also includes any service which operates, in whole or in part, in a manner which is not visible to the End User (such as a demon mode or silent mode).

2. Software App Requirements.

2.1 Software Apps including without limitation, the Monetization Services must comply with the Downloadable Application Guidelines*. * To review these Guidelines, please use the password: Welcome@IC.

2.2 The Software App as it appears in the menu of the End User operating system must be similar to the name of the Software App, so that the End User will be able to clearly identify the Software App in the menu of his/her operating system.

2.3 Software Apps including without limitation, the Monetization Services must not: (a)operate without the prior informed and expressed End User consent; (b) download or install a feature, functionality or downloadable application that is not clearly disclosed and consented to by the End User, (c) hide, disable, uninstall or otherwise interfere with the End User’s operating system, browser functionality (such as by disabling notifications or alerts) or other applications, or other websites without the End User’s prior informed and express consent; (d) access any Content or cause the use of an End User's computer without the End User’s prior informed and expressed consent; or (e) mislead End Users or create End Users confusion or misunderstanding with respect to the source, owner, purpose, functionality or features of the Software App as a whole or the Monetization Services as being provided as part of it.


3. Monetization Service Requirements.

You must comply, in full, with the following requirements when distributing and offering Monetization Service(s) via your Software App:

3.2 A Monetization Service must not: (a) display advertisements or sponsored Content that incentivizes an End User to click or interact with it by using misleading, deceiving, fraudulent or inaccurate means or incentivizing automated clicks or automated interaction with such advertisements or Content; (b) deceive or mislead an End User to take any action that the End User has previously declined (such as repeatedly asking an End User to change his/his browser preference or default search provider); or (c) be illegal, un-ethical or misleading or cause a confusion or misunderstanding (by its design, wording or otherwise) as to where it originated from or be associated with a third party that is not the Advertiser.

3.3 A Monetization Service must be: (a) clearly labeled and identified as a Monetization Service (for example, use the wording, “ads by  [product/company name]”); (b) identified as being displayed to the End User as part of the Software App and distinguished from any website or webpage on which it appears on; and (c) clearly, conspicuously, accurately and consistently identified by a logo/symbol or similar mark as being associated and provided by the Advertiser.

3.4 Further, a Monetization Service must include in the user’s UI, a “Settings”, “Learn more”, “i” or any other hyper link that provides: (a) readable and accessible terms of use/end user agreement and privacy policy (via hyperlink or otherwise) that accurately and clearly describes its purpose and elements; and (b) an easy uninstall/disable option.

4. End User Data.

4.1 As stated above, prior to any access, collection, use or disclosure of End Users information, in connection with or via a Software App and/or any Monetization Service therein, can only be made following receipt of the End User’s explicit and informed consent.

4.2 Your privacy policy must clearly and accurately describe: (a) what End Users’ information you access, collect, use and disclose and how, what means are deployed by you to do so and what you are doing with the End Users’ information, including without limitation, listing third parties to which you disclose the End Users’ information, if relevant; (b) if the Software App or any Monetization Service therein uses cookies or any other means of collecting End Users’ information (for clarity, any such collection may only be done in accordance with applicable law, rules and regulations and industry best practices); and (c) if you access, collect, use or disclose any End Users’ personally identifiable information, you will describe how the End Users may notify you that they wish: (a) to opt-out of sending you such information; and (b) you to delete all the information that you have collected about them.

4.3 You will not mislead the End Users about the origin of a cookie or other means of collecting information deployed by you, or cause the End User to believe it is associated with another application or service.

4.4 No Monetization Service shall intentionally access, collect, use or share any information about End Users unless: (i) the End Users are over 13 years of age and in full compliance with all applicable Laws, rule and regulations, including without limitations, the Child Online Privacy Protection Act  of 1998 (“COPPA”), and applicable industry best practices, and (ii) you have provided the End Users with full and clear disclosure and received the End Users’ expressed written consent prior to any such access, collection, use or disclosure of the End Users information.