Downloading software is still one of the top activities performed on the internet, but consumers are running into risks more often due to fake and malicious download sites. Even reputable sites can be affected by hackers looking to infect other computers with malware and trojans. According to Tech News, hackers have been targeting trusted websites by creating “similar” regional sites, to con people into downloading infected software.

Specific cases saw users downloading a trojan virus that turns infested computers into botnets – a collection of machines that send spam and other fraudulent advertisements for the hacker. Infected files included a bogus texture pack for the popular indie game Minecraft, as well as a pirated copy of the game Airport Firefighter Simulator, according to the news source.

Consumers can avoid malware by only downloading from trusted sites and installing high-quality antivirus and anti-malware software, but software companies can bolster these efforts by increasing the security and quality of their downloads with enhanced installer software. A branded installer program will minimize the risk of a consumer downloading fraudulent content while improving the overall experience.

Utilizing higher quality installation software can provide companies with several other benefits, including increased monetization of downloads. Through the integration of analytics solutions, firms using installCore can gather more valuable data about customer trends and improve the installer program’s skin and appearance, any relevant advertising and other factors in order to improve the experience and increase brand reputation as a result. In turn, these efforts can directly influence sales and firm’s bottom line.

Companies utilizing high-quality software installer programs will be able to focus on improving the process as well, by pinpointing bottlenecks and other issues consumers experience while downloading and installing their products. This data can then be used to improve these areas, eliminating issues in order to increase conversion and install completion rates.

From monetization to reputation, investing in an improved installation and distribution platform from installCore can help firms bolster many aspects of operations and customer service and improve the overall security of software downloads, ensuring a more pleasant online experience for many. The right tools can help ensure that customers are downloading the right software safely, and receiving the product they expected and nothing more.

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