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Installation Guidelines | installCore

ironSource, which is the developer of installCore, the leading installation platform for online software applications, is committed to the highest ethical standards for downloadable applications.


ironSource is committed to provide each individual who installs software applications via the InstallCore platform ("End User") with the best installation experience.   At ironSource we commit voluntarily to the following guidelines:


  • InstallCore platform will only install software applications and modules which the End User chose to install. There will be no installation of any software or any module which the End User has not explicitly and informally consented to install.
  • In any offering which includes third party software application via InstallCore platform, the provider of the said application will be clearly identified and the End User will be referred to the end user license agreement ("EULA") and privacy policy of that software application prior to installation and be adhered to the actual usage of the End User's personal information.
  • InstallCore will only install a software application after receiving confirmation from the software application provider that it is committed to follow InstallCore’s Partner Policy.
  • Every software application will be signed and certified by a certificate authority according to rigid industry guidelines.
  • InstallCore is committed to operate only in accordance with the operating system's legitimate processes and computer configuration parameters to assure successful installation of the software application.
  • InstallCore is committed to assure that a software application which is to be installed is not known to conflict or contradict with other software applications or processes in the End User's system.
  • InstallCore will check, in a reasonable manner, prior to initiating an installation process, that the parameters configuration and permissions in the End User's system should enable successful installation.
  • If InstallCore recognizes during the installation process that other program software or processes aim to disable or interfere with End Users' choice or control over the operating system and browser settings, InstallCore will make the effort to notify the End User and to reinforce the End Users' choice.
  • InstallCore will make all reasonable efforts to assure that the End User will be able to use the application in any browser and any browser settings the End User may choose.
  • The software application that the End User has chosen to install will be available regardless of the End User's decision whether or not to accept any additional offers for other software application downloads or to interact with any advertising offering.
  • InstallCore is conscientious that the installation process and/or the installed software application will not interfere or intervene with any other processes or software applications in the End User's computer and will not intentionally alter or modify any other process or software applications.
  • InstallCore is committed to cooperate with Antivirus Vendors and security companies to assure that third party software applications, which may be installed by the InstallCore platform, do not pose any security risk or exploit known security vulnerabilities on End Users' systems. InstallCore would immediately cease distribution of a software application which is identified to include malicious or harmful codes.
  • Each software application which is distributed via InstallCore platform is pre-checked to assure that it can be easily uninstalled and that the system can revert back to its status prior installation, if the End User chooses to do so.
  • InstallCore does not collect, analyze, transfer or sell to third parties any personally identifiable information.
  • ironSource shall never initiate the installation of a software application or direct End Users to a software installation process based on false, misleading, fraudulent or abusive representations.
  • ironSource takes commercial reasonable efforts to review its partners and their commitment to comply with the ironSource Partners Policy.
  • InstallCore conducts on-going monitoring and statistical analysis of installation processes to assure the best installation experience and optimal performance.