Is installCore a Virus?

installCore is a software monetization platform that connects publishers and advertisers. Its main goal is to help software publishers monetize their products, and to help software advertisers distribute theirs.


installCore is NOT a virus. installCore is a platform that software developers use to run their installation processes. It is not a file and does not reside on the end-user’s machine. Therefore, it can technically do no harm.


installCore gives users the option to install relevant software during the installation process of another software. installCore, as a platform, always offers users the option to opt out or in of these special offers. Users DO NOT need to install the advertised software if they do not want to. If the option to opt-out is not visible, or if softwares are being downloaded in the background without your knowledge, that means that malicious third-party advertisers have hacked the installCore platform with adware.


How does installCore fight malware?

Before advertisers and publishers can partner with installCore, they must first pass a rigid compliance screening. The installCore team sifts through their certificates, traffic sources, and more, and makes a decision on whether or not to allow the company to use installCore. Unfortunately, many publishers and advertisers seem safe at first, and after a few months begin abusing the installCore platform.


Fortunately, the installCore team is quick to investigate such instances. If anyone — whether its users or Google — complains about a specific advertiser, the team pauses that advertiser’s traffic and opens an investigation. If installCore finds that the advertiser has been manipulating the system and spreading viruses, installCore will immediately cease their contract.


What should you do if you suspect something?

If you suspect that a third-party advertiser or publisher is abusing the installCore platform, please contact the installCore team right away. installCore will launch an investigation immediately. Safety is extremely important to the team at installCore who work very hard to ensure that the platform is not being misused by malicious third-party advertisers and publishers.

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