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Faster, smoother installation experience

installCore makes it faster and easier for end-users to install software. The high-performance installation engine bypasses common technical points of failure relating to operating systems or browser specifications and settings, while expediting installation.

Users download the applications they want quickly and safely with installCore

Using a content delivery network that allows end users to access content relatively smoothly from all over the world, installCore delivers software quickly and efficiently. By incorporating multi-to-single connections, content is delivered more quickly, efficiently and with fewer technology-related problems.

Speed of download and installation, ease of customization according of the user's preferences, the number of steps to completion and the interruption rate of downloads all play a role in how a user perceives his experience with most types of digital content and in particular software. installCore's download accelerator helps ensure faster download speed, faster installation, fewer installation faults and higher customer satisfaction.

Digital content providers should view the beginning of their customer interaction at the installation process, rather than the user's first click in the software. That way, the provider starts their relationship with the user much earlier, and is able to positively influence their experience early on, establishing a relationship of trust and driving a message of integrity and quality.

installCore provides the necessary tools to optimize the user experience at installation. installCore makes software installation a quick, effortless experience. It offers developers an easy-to-customize, branded installer which presents the end user with an improved, seamless experience.  After all, a highly-rated user experience is priceless, and focusing on the user experience at every interaction, can differentiate a good product from a great one. This includes everything from the product itself to the installation process. Adhering to good user interface design will help garner positive reviews and a brand image that exudes quality and integrity.

Furthermore, installCore's compliance department makes sure that end users' privacy is protected, and that malware and other PC-harming applications are not downloaded in the process. This adds a second layer of merit to the overall user experience and continues to deliver that message of quality.


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