Pay per install (PPI)

Driving unique installations of your product

The pay per install model (PPI) allows software publishers to drive relevant, high quality installations of their product. PPI also offers a source of compensation, even if the product is offered free of charge.

PPI with installCore

The success rate of a PPI campaign is subject to various parameters including the operating system on which it is offered, the category to which the product belongs to, the geo-specification of the target audience--and installCore is prepared to handle it all. When you decide to partner with installCore for your PPI campaign, you are getting more than just higher revenues; you are receiving a full ecosystem of performance management and measurement tools. installCore provides A/B testing capability, data aggregation, revenue tracking, and much more to measure your performance and maximize your ROI. installCore has facilitated over 2 billion installations for top-tier developers and advertisers. Choosing installCore to distribute your software not only entails a better interface with your users, it also means more successful downloads and at higher speeds.

Making free software a profitable buisness

The pay per install model (PPI) gives publishers the ability to drive unique installations of their product. PPI also offers them compensation, even if the product was offered for free or at a very low price.


Although often grouped together, pay per installation and pay per engagement (PPE) bear some important differences that advertisers and publishers should be aware of. PPE describes a system in which advertisers pay every time a user interacts with their sponsored material. This could include clicks, comments, shares or other types of engagement. PPE is useful for companies looking to expand their brand presence, but not necessarily make more sales.

How Does PPI Help Advertisers?

installCore’s PPI optimization platform helps advertisers spread their digital products to new users. By paying only when users download their app, advertisers can execute safe and intelligent campaigns and reach their acquisition targets. With over 2 billion successful installations to date, installCore has amassed a great deal of install-process information that makes our software distribution even more accurate. This data ensures that your ads are targeted to relevant customers who are in your market and are likely to give your app a try. installCore’s advertising model is easy to implement and simple to navigate. You can customize your advertisement according to your product's branding.

How Does PPI Help Publishers and Developers?

Free products can become a profitable business for publishers and developers when they earn according to the pay per download or PPI model. This highly convenient model gives developers a boost in revenue because they get paid for each install. This allows developers the freedom and peace of mind to invest time and effort in enhancing their software. Instead of being pushed to include in-app advertisements that bring down user experience, developers can focus solely on crafting a high quality product. Period. Your end users will be happy that you’re using a PPI model because it means less clutter and advertising to interrupt their experience with your software. installCore’s PPI model creates a noninvasive advertising experience while still reaching the user when they are highly engaged. This leads to better reviews from your users, more downloads, and higher revenue.

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