Monetize your software with appealing and relevant offers

installCore provides a wide range of attractive offers from premium advertisers for your users during the installation path, and then optimizes the mix of offers based on your user-base's unique behavior. installCore uses proprietary algorithms to select in real-time the most appealing software offers for the user based on what is understood about him during the installation. To achieve that, the installation client downloads in real-time a list of offers picked specifically for the user.

Stay true to your users

Premium offers from partners like Google, Microsoft and Symantec increase user trust and offer take rate. Our compliance team makes sure that all accepted offers are safe and trustworthy, from top tier companies. Monetize with installCore and earn money while staying true to your users.


With installCore, the controls are in your hands.  You can choose the offer types and number of offers per install shown to your users.  You can even design your own cross-promotional offers to be shown to your users during the installation process.

Real time focus

The real-time focus of the installCore installation platform ensures that consumers are always targeted with relevant, interesting offers, rather than advertising that detracts from your company's reputation, brand and user experience.

At installCore, we understand that the way you monetize your software reflects directly on your brand.  That is why we work hard to create appealing branded installers for your digital content, that are monetized with offers from premium advertisers.  As users see relevant, timely and interesting offerings, they will appreciate your firm for being in touch with their interests, rather than pushing unrelated or off-topic products.


The benefits of monetization 

Your branded installer can be your digital content's monetizer - giving you the opportunity to make money even before the user started using your software.  This is done with personalized, well-targeted in-installer advertising from trusted partners, designed to optimize your revenue stream.

Software monetization is important for keeping good applications accessible to everyone.  As long as developers can earn money with their applications, they can continue to offer the content – games, utility software, and much more - for free or at low-cost.

Revenue gains are crucial for software companies, and optimizing your monetization strategy will help you provide quality products, even when they are offered for free or at a low cost. This helps maintain that healthy symbiosis between provider and user, in which the provider keeps developing and improving its product, and the user keeps it well funded, appealing and engaging.

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