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Reinforce your brand during installation by customizing your installer. Use installCore's free software installer and tailor it to your needs with your logo, colors and themes. You can then A/B test the skins to understand which perform best, aid decision making and optimize results. With installCore's Installer Creator, you build your brand while users install your software.

Build your brand during the installation

Use installCore's free software installer creator to tailor your installer with your logo, colors and themes. With installCore's Installer Creator, you build your brand while users install your software.

Most software companies ignore the opportunity to leverage their brand during the installation process. installCore’s free installer creator allows you to spread your brand image and increase brand value, while distributing your software using the industry’s leading installation engine.

Start creating your free installer now, or read on to learn more about how a unique installer can strengthen your brand.

Why Brand Your Own Installer?

From reputation to security, there are many reasons to create a branded installer. Branding helps users tell companies apart and increases recognition of legitimate software from pirated copies.

Improved User Experience

Delivering a company's look and feel during each software installation drives home the message that it’s a trustworthy firm. It is critical to allow businesses and advertisers to customize the user experience for the download. This ensures that the brand image remains in the customer's mind as he or she downloads and installs the software.

But before you can worry about brand image or a sleek design, you must have a strong installer to ensure the download works properly. A shocking 35% of software installations fail. This figure represents a massive loss of downloads and revenue in the software industry.

When choosing an installer, the most important consideration is success rate. installCore installation success rate is 30% higher than the industry competition.

It is easier, faster, and more efficient to install digital content with installCore installers, offering a smoother user experience and increasing the rate of completed installs. Partnering with installCore to deliver your installations will increase your brand awareness and strengthen your connection to your users.    

Unique Digital Content Requires a Unique Installer

Each software provider has different needs and different purposes when creating an installer. With installCore's software installer creator, you can create a custom installer to best serve your firm’s individual needs. Both the visual aspects of the tailored installer and its behavior can be optimized to maximize exposure and customer engagement.

For example, you may choose to bundle your product offerings within your installer. Give your users the option of downloading your mobile app or your new game while they are downloading your cornerstone software. After all, they are already downloading your product; this is a select group of loyal customers. All they have to do is check another box, and it’s done. Many popular brands take advantage of this capability to increase their usage with every download. Along increased brand awareness,  branded installers give users the security of knowing their most trusted brands are involved in the installation.

branded installer creator

Designing your own installCore installer is simple and straightforward

With all these methods of increasing your downloads, it helps to have tools that show you how and where to improve your ROI. Each branded installer from installCore comes with free analytics to help you determine which fonts, images and other content will deliver the best results. All of your implementations and tweaks can be updated immediately, making constant optimization a breeze.

installCore gives advertisers hands-on control of their ads with in-depth installation analytics. Not sure which installer is getting higher click through rates? installCore’s A/B testing tools will help determine which installer design works best.

Your Installer Creator

A basic installation experience doesn't tell a user anything about you or your company. But by utilizing a branded installer from installCore, you can deliver your message loud and clear to a captive audience. A unique installer reinforces your brand while you simultaneously deliver your software.

Make sure you’re not losing users because of unsuccessful downloads. installCore  provides faster, more efficient downloads so nothing stands between your users and the apps and software they love.

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