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Your Installer, Our Adserver

Wrap your installations with installCore’s high quality adserver platform to get higher value from your users. installCore Fusion optimizes each download by matching users and top tier software advertisers with SuperTargeting technology.

All the benefits of delivering your own downloads, backed by installCore’s unparalleled adserver

installCore Fusion is integrated with just one line of code. After a short approval period, your downloads will carry offers from high quality advertisers that speak directly to your users. More relevant offers from top vendors add up to higher PPI revenues for your software.

Monetize your Installer in Minutes

installCore Fusion’s discrete integration allows publishers to continue using their own download engine without giving out proprietary information. Publishers maintain control over their downloads while installCore handles the in-installation advertising.

The integration process is fast and simple. After talking with one of our representatives, they will ask you to fill out a short application. You will then receive a single line of code to implement, and a file with the installCore Fusion SDK.

The Best Traffic for Your Downloads

Great software deserves great advertising partners. installCore Fusion is proud to only partner with high level advertisers and publishers, making sure your product is in good company.

Every advertisement offered during your downloads implicitly connects your product to the advertiser. Ideally by the end of the installation, your user is excited to begin using your software, and not distracted or put off by the content during the download. installCore Fusion ensures that your product is associated with reputable software that is directly relevant to your users.


Even the best software vendors cannot record a sale if their ad is not targeted properly. Not only does installCore Fusion’s adserver carry industry leading software companies, it uses superior ad matching technology to increase the chances of successful commercial conversion after the installation. As a publisher, SuperTargeting is key to seeing higher Pay Per Install rates. installCore Fusion’s algorithms can segment users based on their previous downloads, geographic location, and even what time of day they are more receptive to offers.

The more precise the targeting, the more value the user gets. The added PPI revenues from Supertargeted offers can help give publishers and developers the freedom from monetizing within their apps, allowing them to concentrate on giving users better value.

Analytic Tools

installCore Fusion also provides publishers with a full range of analytic tools to help manage their PPI campaigns. Some of these features include: -In-depth data reports with a full breakdown of relevant download statistics to give you a clear understanding of your PPI performance -Charts and tables detailing user behavior by various segmentations including time, geographic location, and software profiles -Traffic and revenue information presented in coherent subdivisions The more information at your disposal, the better decisions you can make in navigating your campaigns. installCore Fusion gives you the data and trends that lead to your bottom line.


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