Installation Analytics

Clear and comprehensive business intelligence

installCore publishers and advertisers alike may log in to see real-time performance tracking of their installers and campaigns. From quick overviews to detect ongoing activity and foresee potential blocks, to comprehensive, in-depth reports, installCore’s business intelligence (BI) platform gives you the information you need to maximize performance.

Groundbreaking BI tools seamlessly integrated into the installCore platform

During the installation process installCore collects anonymous statistical data regarding installation technical aspects and interaction with the user. This data is crucial in understanding the problems and bottlenecks in the installation funnel, and for perfecting the entire installation process. All the statistical data flows to installCore servers where it’s stored in a Big Data warehouse and processed in near real-time. installCore customers can access this data via a dedicated web portal where it’s conveniently visualized in charts, graphs and tables.

Learn from your users

Monitor installs and learn how to serve your users better.  Integrating analytics with your installation processes is key to boosting distribution and understanding your markets. During installation, there are many different actions users take, and with installCore’s tracking and measurement tools, you can harness the data generated by these events to gain insight into your users’ behavior during the installation funnel.

Keep an edge over competitors

installCore’s BI platform helps you stay competitive over any other services and products in your market, by getting users to complete more installations. Ongoing monitoring of user behavior over an extended period of time ensures quality control, allows anticipation of possible problems and a better understanding of actions taken.

With precise metrics covering every aspect of the installation experience, you will be able to make informed decisions regarding the product and service, so they are in a constant state of improvement.  installCore allows you to view and analyze user behavior data: installation rate, conversion rate, success rate, quit rate, etc. You can easily share it with your partners without compromising your user’s identity, as the data is collected anonymously.

installCore analytics include:

  • Breakdown of data by over eight different parameters
  • Charts and tables demonstrating clients’ installer activities & trends
  • Traffic and revenue per traffic source
  • Aggregate data by multiple time-options
  • Quick search in all fields
  • Standard and easy-to-customize reports
  • Save, print and export reports
  • Dashboard to provide quick overview and identify anomalies that require immediate action

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