Branded Installers

Brand recognition

The installCore HTML-based installer creator enables customization to your software's look and feel so the user's installation experience remains seamless. The white label installer is customized in terms of GUI and behavior. For example the branded installer format would be different for a flash games portal than the one for a software download portal.

Customized with your logo and colors, your installer is a true extension of your brand

Reinforce your brand during installation by customizing your installer with your logo, colors and themes. A/B test your installer skins to understand which perform best, and to aid decision making and optimize results.

Installer Creator

installCore’s free installer creator enables you to quickly get started distributing your digital content. By branding your installer with your look and feel, you reinforce your brand.

Why use the same cookie-cutter installer as everyone else?  From reputation to security, there are many reasons to create a branded installer, but one of the most important is image. Brand image distinguishes companies and products, visually communicating reputation and quality to a user. Delivering a company's image each time the user installs that company’s software drives home the message that this is a firm to be trusted.

Tailored user experience

Perhaps the most critical reason for having a branded installer is that it allows a business to customize the user experience. The brand stays at the user's top-of-mind throughout the download.


Your digital content is special… your installer should be too

Each software provider has different needs and different purposes when creating an installer. installCore allows publishers to create their own unique installers so they can stand out from the rest of the competition.

A personalized installation provides your users with specially-selected options for making additional commercial acquisitions. installCore's in-depth analytics give advertisers and publishers real-time insight into their PPI performance.  Nearly every aspect of the installation process can be shifted and adjusted to optimize take rates. Gauging and A/B testing tools are provided by installCore and can be implemented to determine which customized design works best.

Brand Message

Branding allows you to deliver a message. A basic installation experience doesn't tell a user anything about you, but by utilizing a branded installer, you can deliver your message loud and clear, be it the ease of using your software or the variety of options provided by it.

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