installCore PUP

installCore is a platform that helps publishers generate revenue from their softwares and helps advertisers distribute their products. It does so by powering the installation process of softwares, displaying both opt-in and opt-out ads to users.

installCore is not PUP, or a Potentially Unwanted Program. Often, anti-malware detectors miscategorize installCore as a virus, malware, or PUP. This is not the case, however. installCore is not a file that lives on an end-user’s computer, therefore it cannot spread adware and harm machines.

The reason why antiviruses miscategorize installCore is because third-party publishers and advertisers sometimes abuse the platform. It is important to note though that installCore is not actually engaging in malicious activity. Rather, third-party publishers and advertisers are using the installCore platform for their own malicious means.

installCore is a platform that displays opt-in  and opt-out ads during installation processes. But it does not force users to click on the advertisements. The platform never installs software without the user’s consent, always displaying a readable EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, there is always a way to uninstall the software you originally downloaded from the advertisements.

By definition, PUP and malware is malicious software that infects your computer without your permission. But because installCore is 1) not a file that can be downloaded to your computer and 2) not forcing users to click on ads, it is NOT malware or PUP.

If, however, you are experiencing problems with your machine and think that adware, malware, or PUP might be responsible, it is important that you uninstall all softwares that you recently downloaded from the web.  

Please note that installCore is not responsible for the slowdown in your machine. If third-party publishers and advertisers are misusing installCore, please contact the installCore team right away. The team will pause their traffic and launch an official investigation. If installCore finds that publishers or advertisers are abusing the installCore platform, the team will immediately cease their contract.

installCore takes safety and security very seriously, and has a zero tolerance policy for malicious third-party publishers or advertisers.