As more software companies critically examine piracy and intellectual property (IP) theft, discovering ways to better protect IP grows in importance. However, according to Help Net Security, companies are struggling to accomplish this goal without disrupting business operations. The risk of reduced efficiency and productivity has to be balanced against the threat of piracy, and companies are investing in solutions that don’t meet all of their needs in one area in order to avoid issues in the other. Businesses need to consider their licensing models, security and even the installer programs used by customers to download and install products.

According to the news source, a recent survey by SafeNet and SIIA found that many businesses suffer from inflexible solutions that don’t offer adequate security or operation procedures in order to supply consumers with an easier experience installing software. However, these necessities don’t have to be sacrificed for a quality customer experience. Firms can enhance downloads and installation and even monetize their installer software using the right platform for their needs.

If 53 percent of companies wish they could drive higher revenues but feel they are restricted by licensing needs, as the study found, these firms should investigate monetization solutions that integrate quality advertising with their software download platform. This will allow firms to maintain the licensing they need and easily find recurring revenue in other areas of operation. Additionally, firms can find that they can implement ads for their own products, and potentially drive up sales even more.

“Developers need solutions that address…software monetization,” SafeNet Senior Vice President Prakash Panjwani told the news source. “By adopting a comprehensive approach to software monetization, organizations can not only protect their critical IP from piracy and reverse-engineering, but help drive revenue and profitability as well.”

Maintaining control over IP is a critical part of business, but companies shouldn’t sacrifice the success of sales in order to achieve that control. The right application distribution platform, like installCore, will allow firms to monetize downloads, increase security and implement high-quality analytics to continuously improve these factors. Ultimately, meeting these goals sooner rather than later will help companies enhance their bottom  line faster and implement further improvements down the road. Software developers shouldn’t sacrifice profits for security or vice versa, and installCore can help achieve both goals at once.

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