The monetization of software downloads and installation is a critical part of any company’s bottom line, but approaching monetization requires a specific set of skills and technologies that not all firms have. Premium analytics and the right partnerships will ensure that a business’s software platform utilizes high-quality ads that appeal to its customer base, but finding the tools that integrate all of these services is the tricky part. While companies can try to invest in their own tools, utilizing solutions like installCore that are already partnered with top companies like Google and Microsoft will help expedite the monetization process and allow the company to focus on its own side of operations.

Investing in high-quality installer software gives companies the resources to get paid for downloads without putting forth significant effort that would take away from other areas of operations. A low-cost, high-quality solution like installCore provides the analytics and other tools that allow a company to harness user trends, gain insight into what customers are actually interested in and target advertising more efficiently.

Gain value from metrics

The most important part of the monetization of software downloads and installation is to derive real value from the metrics being used. Active partnerships with Google Analytics and other top firms will help companies accomplish this goal much faster than on their own, and provide access to some of the top global analytics solutions. This will allow companies to target their core audience, diversify and begin approaching new audiences and harnessing the power of social media and other related solutions.

Integrated security

The use of high-quality installer programs also allows firms to ensure the security and stability of their software downloads to customers. This means eliminating the risk of malware and viruses and helping customers enhance the speed and performance of their downloads. Ultimately, this will provide a higher-quality product to the consumer that can enhance brand reputation, in addition to increasing profits through installation monetization.

Ultimately, installCore provides more than just monetization solutions – it offers companies ways to enhance the entire software download and installation process for customers. This will increase the customer experience and bolster a firm’s image and reputation. These benefits will go much further toward increasing sales and a business’s bottom line than the inclusion of high-quality advertising in the software installer.

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