The download is the most overlooked part of the user on-boarding process.

Most Independent Software Vendors would rather ignore the realities of the current state of software installation, rather than invest the time and resources to optimize the process. What they don’t realize is that they could be losing a significant portion of potential new users through problems in the download and installation processes alone.

Increased Download speed

Improving Download Speed Means More Users

A lot of things can interrupt a typical software download. Technical issues such as breaks in internet connection and server-side problems often damage a download beyond repair. Or, issues in the user interface such as confusion, or quitting out early, also severely lower installation success rates. By utilizing cutting edge solutions to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks and provide users with optimized installer performance, ISVs can make sure their downloads finish quickly, keeping conversion rates high and providing customers with high-quality service.

installCore integrates a download accelerator into software firms’ installer platform to utilize the latest in multi-location downloads and peer-2-peer traffic in order to speed up download speeds by over 25 percent, every time. Customers will appreciate the speed, and be more likely to recommend a product to their friends when it is delivered quickly and efficiently to their computer.

Additionally, installCore utilizes high-end compression solutions to make sure software is delivered swiftly. This proprietary compressed data format will improve packet flow and minimize the risk of corrupted data occurring from interrupted or jittery bandwidth. By optimizing the user experience businesses not only improve their own sales, but their reputation for high-quality service as well.

Strengthening the connection with new users

When users have a smooth installation process, it creates a good impression of the software vendor. Users deserve to feel that there download is safe and secure. When the download process is smooth and quick, it ensures that the software being delivered also comes from a sound source.

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