Software compatibility isn’t always something that is considered when developing software. A program is usually intended to run in a specific operating system, or within set parameters that are easy to meet – such as the computer must have Java installed. However, sometimes the software and the installer program it uses have differing requirements and a product designed to run on several operating systems may not have an installer capable of running on all of them.

Compatibility within a system is also important, especially with software designed to work with other software. Will it work with a previous version, or an updated version? This bring the long-term sustainability into question, and developers need to be sure they offering customers a product that will stand the test of time.

Investing in a high-quality software installer like installCore will eliminate this problem by increasing theĀ overall compatibility of offerings and eliminating related technical problems. installCore has a 32 percent higher install completion rate due to its ability to bypass common technical points of failure and decreasing download time. Whether it’s a user determined setting or a version difference, installCore will recognize and sidestep the problem, helping users get the software they want with minimal hassle.

However, there are other factors at play with improving software installation rates as well. From the platform itself to compliance with industry standards for privacy and security, installCore’s high-quality solutions ensure that consumers won’t have to contend with malware while allowing firms to provide a better user experience overall. This includes branding the installer software to providing more interesting advertising in monetization efforts.

Optimally, users will download and install software and move on to using it quickly. However, large files, slow computers or technical problems can keep them lingering in these two processes for longer than intended, and firms need to ensure that the experience is optimized or the user may cancel the process altogether. A branded install can improve customer experience significantly, as will high-end monetization efforts, but the main thing firms need to do is ensure they are pushing the installation process along as quickly as possible. With its ensured compatibility and an integrated download accelerator, installCore allows businesses to assure quality at all times and provide customers with what they really want – the end product in a usable state.



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