Adobe might be looking to the cloud to address its software piracy concerns, but this may not be the right answer for other firms. According to Gizmodo, Adobe’s move could level the playing field between paying customers and pirates, improving overall sales for the company by promoting its Creative Cloud solutions more heavily. A list of new features coming to the subscription service will make it more user-friendly –¬†and more appealing than pirating the company’s traditional software offerings.

For the majority of software firms, however, a cloud-solution simply won’t work. Too many variables are in place to support Adobe’s use of cloud services that aren’t there for other companies, and as such, those businesses need different solutions to combat piracy. First and foremost of these is higher-quality installer software.

With the right installer program to track customer usage and provide valuable feedback and analytics, a company can better analyze sales vs. piracy, and implement improved security and other features to combat the latter. Additionally, using a solution like installCore will provide a business with high-quality tools for installer software monetization and other key benefits. Rather than losing money to pirates, a firm will be able to gain it back and then some through stronger marketing and customer engagement.

Additionally, Adobe’s cloud move might not combat piracy as well as it thinks. According to the news source, password sharing, licensing agreements and other issues are likely to continue plaguing Adobe – in addition to the users that choose to continue using pirated versions of the desktop editions of Photoshop or Illustrator. Additionally, while any conversion of pirates to paying customers will make the cloud solutions worthwhile to the firm, it will still have a long way to go before it cuts piracy off completely.

Investing in high-quality software installer solutions will help companies make the prospect of purchasing their products far more appealing than pirating them, by drastically improving the customer experience in a variety of ways, ranging from monetization to usage analytics. Firms can use these solutions for much more as well, and focus on engaging customers thoroughly and creatively through every part of their interaction with them. From sale to installation, creating a encompassing user experience will give consumers more reasons to legally purchase software and make a strong first move toward cutting down piracy overall.

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