As technology and the software industry evolves, businesses have to look at the way they sell, distribute and make a profit from their products and services. The changes in the industry are pushing more firms to adjust sales methods and pricing to cater to an audience more willing to illegally obtain software, and to focus on new ways to monetize their products as a result. The monetization of software downloads isn’t a new idea, but it is one that be vastly improved upon with the right tools.

According to the Press-Citizen, there is a variety of factors affecting these changes within the software industry. Faster consumer internet connections, more powerful computers and the proliferation of independent and start-up development firms are all pushing companies toward faster development times and the need for more reliable installer programs. These solutions will help companies enhance the customer experience and improve the value they provide to the customer. However, these aren’t the only issues affecting customer loyalty and product demand today.

With more consumers willing to pirate software or otherwise illegally obtain it, companies are forced to lower their prices, enhance their product offerings or provide more value for an actual sale through customer service or other solutions. This can dramatically increase the overhead costs of selling a single piece of software, and potentially even start hurting a firm’s bottom line. Companies are looking for better ways to profit, and one way to accomplish this is to get paid for downloads.

The monetization of installer software using a high-quality platform allows companies to provide consumers with relevant product placement as well. Rather than blindly offering consumers products from any company willing to pay for advertising, firms can implement analytics to determine their target audience’s preferences and habits, utilizing ads that will actually appeal to the customer rather than annoy him or her. This will enhance the customer experience and simultaneously drive up conversion rates for ads.

Ultimately, companies have to ensure that they are keeping up with the times and using the technology and solutions that 21st century consumers expect. Graphics software customers probably won’t be interested in ads for tax software, while those installing a video game may be more interested in ads for another game rather than one for a word processing program. Analytics and the right software installer will give firms the right tools to target their ads better, and actually appeal to the customer rather than bombard him or her.

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