More businesses are looking to replace their human resources management software, and developers are primed to profit from this change, especially with the right investments into high-quality software installer solutions. According to ComputerWeekly, many firms are using HR systems that are up to seven years old, and the need to replace them with better software or cloud systems is growing.

From solutions that promote improved analytics to improving retention rates, firms will need high-quality software. The companies that develop that software need to consider the various ways to improve their bottom line when selling it. installCore offers significant improvements over traditional installer programs that can bring monetization and a host of other benefits to developers with ease.

One of the main advantages that firms can gain by investing in a high-quality installer program are installation analytics. By putting these tools to work firms will be able to see trends within their clients and the related monetization efforts that will appeal most to them. This will help software companies improve their software installation platform itself, as well as the advertising offered during the process.


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