In the fight against software piracy, branding plays a huge role in business recognition and legal downloads. Without properly branding installer software and websites, companies won’t be able to fully engage consumers, and risk allowing piracy to grow.

According to a recent study by YouGov, 24 percent of consumers were unable to tell the difference between official company and piracy websites once the former was “de-branded.” Additionally, 36 percent of adults are unable to identify a piracy website accurately. These issues present online security issues, as well as problems for firms trying to monetize their installer programs.

The survey found that 36 percent of respondents admitted to pirating software, but just as many were unsure of the source of their software downloads, presenting an equally troubling problem with brand recognition. While the statistics point to a lack of clarity on the part of consumers, companies can do better branding their websites and installation platforms to get their image front and center for customers and ensure recognition. According to The Drum, the inability to tell the difference between a piracy website and the “real deal” will plague customers with digital threats and unwanted exposure to offensive material, but for enterprises it presents a larger issue in the form of software monetization.

Properly avoiding these issues will require firms to invest in high-quality installer programs that integrate branding with monetization efforts and analytics. Firms will be able to present their image to customers directly while utilizing high-end analytics to gain insight into download habits and advertising preferences. This, in turn, will allow companies to better target their ads and increase conversion rates.

The fight against piracy isn’t just about protecting the consumer and profits, it’s also a critical part of promoting a brand and enhancing the customer experience. With a branded installer, firms will be able to enhance their own reputation and provide customers with enticements and information during every part of the experience, rather than just the visit to the company website.

Ultimately, by embracing the best installer for enterprise needs, a business will be able to accomplish several goals, from fighting piracy to enhancing its bottom line, and do so without extensive spending. This will allow a company to promote itself more thoroughly, and better protect its revenue.

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