When creating a software package and preparing to release it to the general public, you must be meticulous in your design of each individual element. Every piece of your application must be well planned, designed and engineered, and no stone should be left unturned.

Even creating a software installer, a seemingly forgettable part of the process, can be difficult. Some might see an installer as a mundane, unimportant element of a piece of software, but that thinking would be a mistake. Your installer is the first thing a typical user sees when beginning to use your product – it must be presentable and compelling so that it draws people in rather than repelling them.

Here are a few guidelines for creating an effective branded installer.

Establish your look and feel

Because the installer is the first thing people see, you must make your best effort to establish the look and feel of your program from the very beginning. It isn’t 1990 anymore, a simple black and white text-based interface reminiscent of MS-DOS isn’t good enough. You should begin by using the logos, fonts and color schemes that people associate with your brand. This will help make the installer more visually appealing and remind users of their allegiance to your product. Specificity is key. You don’t want your installer to look like it could have come from just anyone.

Accentuate your best qualities

Everett McKay of UX Design Edge recommends creating software with the same positive attributes as your product in general. McKay cites the Hilton Garden Inn hotel chain as an example. He lists a few of his favorite things about their hotels – their new and stylish rooms, their comfortable furniture, their variety of different rooms. If style, comfort and variety are your values, then why not make sure your software matches those values? Try to build an installer that stands out the same way your brand does.

Optimize the user experience

Users of your software likely want the same perks that everyone does from their software. They’re interested in sleek design, innovative features and a time-efficient framework. Your installer, and your entire application, should make the user experience as simple and easy as possible. You want to convey your brand’s message, but you want to stay efficient as well.


Building a branded installer is an important part of the software design process. Using InstallCore, you can create one that works for you.


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