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Getting the Most Out of PPI

May 2, 2017 - Uncategorized

Developers and Publishers are opening up new streams of revenue by monetizing their downloads. The download process is an under-utilized source of income for software developers and publishers. This chapter in the Academy will explain the importance of monetizing downloads, and how software delivery platforms optimize delivery for developers, publishers, and users. What Does it Mean to ‘Monetize a Download’? Monetizing a..


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Monetization key for business growth

April 27, 2017 - Uncategorized

When it comes to growing or expanding a business, there are many factors to consider. From innovative new product ideas to improved work processes, the various ways to drive growth in an enterprise all have varying effects and benefits, but none as powerful as monetization. Monetizing software offerings is particularly useful because it helps firms enhance their bottom line without..

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3 reasons to embrace improved monetization

April 19, 2017 - Uncategorized

Software installer monetization is a critical part of business planning and turning a profit, but many firms aren't optimizing their efforts. Everything from the using the right ads to engaging users with a branded installer will boost monetization efforts. However, the most important thing for a firm to consider is why it's worth investing in. Monetization adds a primary measurable benefit..

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Appearance, content quality affect monetization

April 15, 2017 - Uncategorized

Software monetization is about more than turning numbers. Many firms invest in solutions to improve the targeting of their advertising, but see minimal conversion results. Often, this is because other key aspects of appealing to consumers are ignored, like the overall appearance of the installer program. Improving monetization efforts is an overarching demand that software firms need to approach on..

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3 ways business intelligence is necessary for software publishers

April 6, 2017 - Software Marketing Blog, Uncategorized

Analytics may not seem like an essential part of selling software, but they can greatly boost the conversion and success rates for business looking to optimize their revenue and offer a stronger product. With ability to generate metrics and analyze specific areas of operations such as quit rate and monetization will help companies leverage this information more successfully and focus..

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Compatibility a key problem to address with software installers

April 1, 2017 - Uncategorized

Software compatibility isn't always something that is considered when developing software. A program is usually intended to run in a specific operating system, or within set parameters that are easy to meet - such as the computer must have Java installed. However, sometimes the software and the installer program it uses have differing requirements and a product designed to run..

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Never leave your customers wondering ‘how do I install this?’

March 26, 2017 - Uncategorized

Software installation is perhaps the most important part of using a computer. Software is what drives computer use, allows consumers to play games, surf the internet or do work. However, sometimes software isn't the easiest thing to install, and varying operating systems, devices and platforms can complicate the process. By investing in an improved installer program, firms can make sure..

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Branded installers can enhance the image of your software package

March 23, 2017 - Uncategorized

When creating a software package and preparing to release it to the general public, you must be meticulous in your design of each individual element. Every piece of your application must be well planned, designed and engineered, and no stone should be left unturned. Even creating a software installer, a seemingly forgettable part of the process, can be difficult. Some..

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Expedite the user experience with a download manager

March 19, 2017 - Uncategorized

Download portals aren't as widely used as they could be. Many underestimate their value and versatility, assuming their browser can handle all of their downloading needs. However, firms can prove the value of a download manager by providing a high-quality version for their own products, and optimize monetization efforts at the same time. Utilizing a download manger has a variety..

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Appearance is just as important as technology

March 14, 2017 - Uncategorized

When it comes to improving the user experience and driving overall conversion rates, improving the installer program backend is important, but many firms should look at the front end as well. Investing in solutions that enhance both can have a profound effect on customer satisfaction and overall performance. As such, when considering ways to improve software installer monetization and appeal,..

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