Any firm that feels like it isn’t getting its moneys worth from paid advertising within its software offerings may be right. Not all ads are created equal, and firms need the right approach to ensure their monetization efforts are targeting the right consumers, at the right time.

The trick is, that many firms are simply taking the wrong approach to monetization and pay-per-click campaigns. In order to correct this discrepancy, firms need to turn to the two key components of marketing – attention ratio and message match.

The golden ratio

Attention ratio, like any other measurable data set, can get lost in the shuffle with data analytics. However, firms that invest in the proper installer software with integrated analytics can save time and money by automatically collating this critical ratio of interaction points to calls to action, and ensure that it is optimizing its approach. The key is to bring the ratio as close to 1:1 as possible. While it won’t be an option 100 percent of the time, minimizing distractions to ensure potential customers select the right call to action is critical for making monetization efforts as efficient as possible.

The key is in the message

Of course, the other side of this coin is the message that directs the customer to the CTA. With in-app software monetization, short ads that get to the point as quickly as possible will be the most effective at delivering a message and call to action and optimizing pay-per-clicks. The trick here is obvious – follow through on the promise that the ad makes. Using simple, dedicated landing pages, and communicating value to the consumer will help optimize the message, but companies also have to bring their customers full circle with focused landing pages to optimize the CTA and match the message with the initial ad in a way that the consumer will recognize and push from.

Consumers will frequently click on an ad for more information then quickly navigate away because the ad doesn’t match the linked page. By bringing the message full circle and ensuring that the attention ratio is optimized for a sale, firms can minimize bounce and focus on getting real returns for their monetization efforts. The right software installer will pay a crucial role, and ensure that a firm starts to get paid for downloads faster.

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