Is installCore a Virus?

January 11, 2017 - Software Marketing Blog

Is installCore a Virus? installCore is a software monetization platform that connects publishers and advertisers. Its main goal is to help software publishers monetize their products, and to help software advertisers distribute theirs.   installCore is NOT a virus. installCore is a platform that software developers use to run their installation processes. It is not a file and does not..

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What is installCore

December 19, 2016 - News & Updates

Installcore is a software installation platform that specializes in optimized software distribution via customized installation platforms, analytics and traffic monetization. The platform significantly improves success rates of software installations, outperforming other available solutions in the market. Established in 2010, installCore™ has quickly become the leading installation platform for premium software publishers. With a talented team of engineers as its greatest asset...

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Adobe Focuses on All-Download Strategy

January 5, 2016 - News & Updates, Software Marketing Blog

Adobe has been playing with a cloud-based subscription service and digital downloads for some time, but new sales figures have prompted the design software giant to focus more strongly on these modern methods of software delivery. As a creator of image manipulation and design software, Adobe provides cutting-edge technology within its industry, and has now decided to adapt that philosophy to its..

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3 Challenges That Come With Hyper-Growth

September 25, 2015 - Tips for Startups

You are riding the wave, but it's tricky at the top! Businesses in hyper-growth face very different challenges, from talent shortages to outpacing the market. A firm in this phase has to carefully look at their opportunities and business processes to optimize and overcome these issues: Effective Delegation You need to get better at managing the workload as you grow...

Company in Hyper Growth

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6 Insights for Managing Millennials

July 21, 2015 - Tips for Startups

While I was speaking with a CEO friend of mine the other day, I mentioned that I was writing an article on managing millennials. “What are you going to write about?” he asked. “You can’t manage millennials.” Although I disagree with my friend, his reaction illustrated a common disconnect; millennials have a vastly different set of expectations than employees from..

Managing Millennials

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5 common mistakes of managers

October 13, 2013 - Tips for Startups

Managing people changes from job to job and person to person. Individuals all have different wants, needs and desires and it is up to managers to develop strategies that work for all of your employees to both motivate and keep them on task. Because this is such a demanding role to play, it can be easy to make mistakes. By understanding..

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