Software monetization is about more than turning numbers. Many firms invest in solutions to improve the targeting of their advertising, but see minimal conversion results. Often, this is because other key aspects of appealing to consumers are ignored, like the overall appearance of the installer program. Improving monetization efforts is an overarching demand that software firms need to approach on multiple fronts in order to overcome and maximize profits.


Investing in installer programs that integrate branding opportunities allows firms to customize their software installer and ensure they are appealing to customers on an aesthetic level as well. Much like a job interview, appearance can make or break engagement, and offering a blank software installer is just as likely to drive customers away as a technical glitch. Additionally, creating a branded installer will increase the firm’s reach and ensure that the company stands out in the consumer’s mind.


Understanding trends is a critical part of offering appealing advertising, which means investing in installer analytics to optimize trend recognition and derive the most value out of consumer data. With analytics integrated into the installer program, installCore provides firms with clear and swift reporting tools to see when they need to change monetization strategies, or if there are problems within their current plan.


Much like appearance, the quality of the software download/install itself can affect completion rates, and if a download goes too slowly, users are more likely to cancel. installCore integrates download management and acceleration solutions to improve the speed of the process, helping customers stay engaged and complete their install more often. This will increase conversion rates for businesses and improve brand reputation at the same time.

From gaining a better understanding of user trends to providing real-time advertising to better target customers, installCore will give firms clear ROI on their installer platforms, boosting results by 30 to 40 percent and keeping customers coming back time and again. Succeeding in the software industry isn’t just about providing a high-quality product, firms also have to engage the consumer from marketing to the back-end, and ensure that no part of the process turns the customer away, be it the appearance of the software or the advertising used in it.

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