The term buzzwords tends to have a negative connotation for many companies, but understanding the difference between an empty word and an influential trend can help firms grow and improve greatly. Ultimately, one of the biggest buzzwords of marketing is also one of the most important to adopt – analytics.

Software developers in particular may see trends like analytics as unnecessary, but when it comes to monetization and marketing, analytics isn’t just a buzzword, but a critical aspect of operations. In order to optimize its installer program and maximize the amount it gets paid for downloads, a software firm has to use analytics to establish consumer trends and habits.

Analytics will help a company take advantage of other “buzzwords” as well, like big data and mobile. Embracing analytics as part of software installer solutions will allow companies to improve the customer experience and focus on other enhancements as well. In order to begin capitalizing on customer trends, big data and analytics, firms need to understand how these tools can be used within marketing and the software industry.

According to ClickZ, analytics solutions will help firms collect and derive actionable value from consumer trends. The ads that customers click on when downloading software and the actions they take will allow firms to target specific interests and increase conversion rates, improving the overall user experience and providing more enticing marketing with its downloads. Additionally, firms will be able to target information on the overall installation experience to improve their software installer branding and user interface.

Targeted analytics integrated with installer programs will do more than enhance monetization, they will help firms focus on the improvements customers want to improve brand recognition and reputation. Ultimately, this will provide companies with clear ways to enhance their offerings and get more completed installs on a regular basis.

installCore integrates high-quality analytics with its installer programs so that firms will gain the benefits of anonymous statistic gathering without additional effort. From improving monetization to providing integrated tools for branding and testing, companies can focus on overall improvements to the download and installation experience for customers and see the results immediately, translated into easy to read charts, graphs and tables by the software itself.

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