What’s the use of a strong presentation if your message is being consumed by the wrong audience? Aside from delivering and monetizing the downloads, installation platforms can also make sure software advertisers are connecting with relevant users.

Where are the Installation Offers?

Installation software offer

After the user clicks ‘download’ and runs the installer, advertisements usually appear after the initial ‘Welcome’ screen and other licensing information. When users decide to add the advertised software to their installation, the product downloads along with the original software so users don’t have to run a separate installation process.

How many offers are shown during a download?

It depends on the installation platform that is monetizing the installation, but typically around three or four. Too many ads tend to cause users to lose interest and abandon the installation.

The Network of Publishers–The Location of your Billboards

As an advertiser it’s easy to get sucked into the black hole of cheap digital advertising networks. In installation platforms or in more mainstream forms of digital advertising like pay per click (PPC) or pay per impressions (PPM), there will always exist a herd of publishers outbidding each other in a race to the bottom.

Software Targeting

While it’s tempting to cut costs, unrealistically low prices for digital advertising should actually be taken as a caution sign.

Installation platforms are also plagued by promises of sky-high take rates, but they are often reluctant to explain who is accepting the offers. This is because most installation platforms, just like most ad networks, don’t have high quality places to put their ads.

One of the biggest factors advertisers are considering when they plan their campaign is whether or not their intended audience will become paying users, whether through upgrades or purchases. Without these high-value users, the software cannot thrive.

A key consideration in the value of a campaign is the user region. The chance of a user making a paid upgrade in, say, the United States, is dramatically higher than in a developing country. Users in the United States are more likely to have the money available to spend a few bucks to upgrade their virtual army, or buy the full version of the software. Logically, the price for each acquisition of an American user tends to be significantly higher than most regions.

The installation platform, or any digital ad network, that you choose for your campaign needs to have the relationships with local publishers in these high-value regions if your ads are going to achieve substantial ROI.

Expansion with Targeting

Remember in Chapter 1, we saw how a music-streaming service could make the jump into a new market? Installation platforms with global publishers can allow advertisers to capitalize on market opportunities in a big way.

An installation platform is only as strong as the users it can reach. Global publishers give advertisers flexibility. Advertisers with globally-facing products should be looking for installation platforms that have publishers in a variety of countries, demographics, and user-values. With a range of potential markets, advertisers can experiment to see where they are getting the best value for their installations.

The Depth of Targeting

But geographic region is just the beginning of an installation platform’s targeting capabilities. The more intelligent platforms now allow advertisers to meticulously define their audience based on valuable segment characteristics.

Advanced software targeting

Installation platforms can differentiate users and design an offer flow based on factors like users’ interests and preferences. But, factors you might overlook, like the time of day when the software installation is taking place, can have a dramatic effect on the user’s perception of the offer.

Finding Your Audience

Any strong installation campaign should be predicated upon getting software into the hands of users who want and need your product. Creating a deceptive offer, or hiding it in a larger bundle of products, is ultimately working against the advertiser and the platform.

Every advertising system contains some flaws, and installation targeting is no exception. One of the biggest issues software advertisers have with this system is that users may download their product accidentally. They don’t opt-in when appropriate, or they leave an opt-out box checked when they don’t really mean it. Naturally, users that press the ‘accept’ button by mistake are not likely to use the software (or for that matter, become paying users).

Unwanted software can cause serious friction between the user and the software. Consider if an advertiser has an aggressive monetization method that interrupts normal functionality–notifications, warnings, etc. Tactics like these on the wrong user are likely to be confusing, annoying, or even upsetting. This is clearly not the relationship advertisers want to have with their users. By the same token, premium advertisers usually prefer to work with installation platforms that foster a good relationship between their brand and the user. It’s in every party’s long-term interest to make this system as transparent as possible.


Low rates for installations are great, but what’s more important is the quality and relevance of users that see the software advertisement. Installation platforms can help identify your software’s ideal user.

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