You’re a top-flight developer who just finished an exciting new piece of software…now what do you do?

The success of your software hinges on the extent to which you distribute and monetize your product. But how do you get your software into the hands of the right users?

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Welcome to installCore Academy, your new home for all things software installation. We will address these issues and help get you on the right path for effective delivery, distribution, and monetization of your software.

Throughout the Academy, you’ll see bolded industry terms. To help you keep track of these terms, we’ve made a handy glossary that you can reference while you read.

Why Should You Care About Installation Platforms?

You may be reading through all of these explanations and thinking, “Why should I care? What do I stand to gain by investing my time and energy in advertising/publishing my product on an installation platform?”

Installation platforms are one solution for software advertisers and publishers, but it is by no means the only way. In fact, there are many rev-share and affiliate systems for monetizing and distributing software, and an installation platform may not be the best solution for your goals. We’ll discuss these alternatives as we go to help you see where your company stands.

Benefits of Installation Platforms

Here are three quick benefits to installation platforms, but we will explore more throughout the Academy.

Global user acquisition

An installation platform with a strong, globally-positioned core of publishers gives you the ability to distribute your software in new markets.

installCore Global Distribution

Market testing

Once you have access to world markets, you can conduct thorough testing to see where your software catches on. Installation analytics through the platform will give you new insight about your installation campaign, as well as mobile or display campaigns you are planning.

Additional revenue

Depending on the characteristics of the market, a publisher could earn a few cents to almost a dollar every time someone makes an additional download during their installation. Consider that high profile or trending software may rake in hundreds of thousands of downloads per day. Even for products with low visibility, this added bump can make a substantial impact on the bottom line.

A few of the questions we’ll be answering in installCore Academy…

How do I make money from my software?

As mentioned briefly above, Pay Per Installation or PPI is the financial backbone for the installation industry. Every time a user downloads an additional piece of software during an installation, the publisher gets paid. We’ll explore this concept in depth in our chapter devoted to PPI.

Why not just use the Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) installers from my operating system?

Aside from the opportunity cost of not monetizing the download, COTS solutions are also rife with technical problems. Software publishers using COTS installers also have no way of knowing if their software reaches the end-user after they press ‘download’. See the First Chapter to learn more about how installation platforms solve most of the issues surrounding COTS solutions.

How do I optimize my installation campaign?

There are a variety of ways of making your installation advertisement stand out to users. Many of the philosophies about strong call-to-actions and click-through rates apply, but there are other conversion principles that are unique to advertising. This topic will be covered in our section on installation User Experience and User Interface.

How do I know where to target my users?

Just like traditional forms of digital marketing, installation has the power to pinpoint user segments based on a range of characteristics. How you leverage this precision marketing is up to you. We’ll show you some best practices for understanding your installation demographics, and strategies for targeting high value users.

Installation A/B Testing

Summing Up

installCore Academy is here to help you stay on top of an industry in flux. Companies ranging from the basement developers to international powerhouses can all benefit from the power of an installation platform. These articles will bring you up to speed, and get the most out of your installation campaigns.

Welcome! We’re excited to have you. If you’re ever unsure about a term or want some review, refer to our helpful glossary.

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