World's leading application distribution platform
Established in 2010, installCore™ has quickly become the leading application installation platform for premium publishers. With a talented team of engineers as its greatest asset, installCore specializes in optimized software distribution via customized software installation platforms and installation analytics. The installCore software installer significantly improves success rates of software installations, outperforming other available solutions in the market.

Putting users first

Download and installation may be a user's first experience interacting with an application, and the process reflects upon the software's brand.  installCore works to make sure that the user's experience remains positive, regardless of the user's operating system or device.

The installCore platform offers customized installers with the software's branding, easy-to-understand information, and accelerated download and optimized footprint, to keep the process as smooth as possible. installCore also offers localization features so users can install in their own language.  A number of other features include A/B testing, branded installer creator, download manager, in-depth installation analytics and more.

installCore helps software developers and publishers take their software to the next level, while protecting the user experience, by offering premium offers from trusted brands during the installation process.  The sophisticated installCore ad server directs which ads are most appropriate for which users and when.

Where You Can Find Us

San Francisco

531 Howard Street San Francisco, CA +1 415 400 5888

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Lilienblum 28 Tel Aviv, Israel +972 74-799-0000


A505, East Avenue 10 New East Road Chaoyang District, Beijing +86 186-1095-2920


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