When implementing new tactics for installer software design and improvement, A/B testing is a sure way to eliminate any uncertainty regarding the potential success of those changes. From improving the graphical user interface to changing actual code to improve performance, A/B testing will establish comparison performance to provide clear, actionable data to continue to abandon efforts from.

In order to integrate A/B testing with installer programs themselves, firms should choose installCore to improve overall operations and optimize installer performance. installCore provides a well-rounded experience for users that will increase usability and establish a firm foundation for other efforts such as monetization and installation analytics.

With installCore’s integrated business intelligence dashboard, software firms will be able to track testing and analytics data and focus on constantly improving the installer software. Without the right tools, companies will get too wrapped up in the improvements to actually implement them and see the fruits of their labor, and installCore’s integrated A/B testing will ensure positive results every time a change is implemented, be it upgraded color schemes or an overhauled backend.

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