Analytics may not seem like an essential part of selling software, but they can greatly boost the conversion and success rates for business looking to optimize their revenue and offer a stronger product. With ability to generate metrics and analyze specific areas of operations such as quit rate and monetization will help companies leverage this information more successfully and focus their efforts on results, rather than the individual processes it takes to achieve them.

Increase download completion rates

Often, consumers will get discouraged or distracted from a product before they even install it. installCore can minimize them by improving customer engagement throughout the entire process and reach out them through branding and targeted advertising. This improves overall completion rates and helps firms increase their brand recognition early on in the customer experience.

Enhance monetization

Monetization is a critical part of gaining revenue in today’s software industry and optimizing these efforts will allow firms to reach out to consumers easily, offering additional software, partnered services and more. Not only will firms make money from advertisers, but potentially increase their own installation rates by offering customers appealing options for other software needs they might have. A customer that doesn’t realize he or she needs a high-quality anti-virus might change his or her mind while downloading another piece of software because of the well-targeted advertising efforts.

Keep improving over time

The most important benefit that installation analytics provides a firm is the sustainability of those improvements. Rather than getting a one-time jump in downloads, a firm will be able to continue adapting and meeting customer expectations over time, regardless of demographic or other market influences. This is essential for optimizing profits and the consumer experience. However, companies have to remember to continue taking advantage of data in order to maintain those benefits.

Without a high-quality business intelligence platform like installCore, software firms won’t be able to harness the above benefits or push the competitive edge over the competition that they provide. Ultimately, this makes analytics a critical part of the software industry, regardless of the type of software or audience it is aimed at. Companies will see an increase in revenue and a measurable change in completion rates swiftly, as well as the sustained growth of them, with the right installer software in place.

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