Customer experience is everything in business today, and software firms understand this better than most.  However, there is more to improving the customer experience than a good program, and optimizing it with high-quality installer software is equally important.

An installer program with integrated installation analytics will help firms pinpoint problems areas and streamline improvements that will appeal to consumers and provide key return on investment. However, there are several advantages to utilizing analytics with software delivery, and companies need to understand them individually in order to capitalize on them.

Improve monetization

Utilizing analytics to understand what offers appeal to users and what don’t will play an important role in increasing revenue gained from monetization. A company needs to ensure that its offers are hitting the target audience. Analytics will provide more detailed feedback that will help firms make minor changes to increase overall appeal and enhance monetary gains.

Enhance branding

Analytics will also help firms gain feedback on their branding efforts. A branded installer is an important way to enhance customer experience and ensure that the software installation process is memorable. However, if that customization doesn’t appeal to users, it will have the opposite effect, and by integrating analytics with their software installers, firms can gather more intel and make smarter decisions regarding color schemes, logo placement and more.

Audience localization

Understanding where a product’s primary audience is located will help firms improve the overall perception of quality and service. Analytics will help pinpoint localization efforts and show firms where their customers are from, helping them determine if they need to offer the software in additional languages or change branding to best accommodate this audience.

Optimizing software installation with installCore can help companies reach their audience better and ensure those users have a positive experience using their product every time.This will play an important role in encouraging usage and enhancing brand reputation, and will help companies grow. Analytics don’t simply provide individual benefits, but enhanced operations and customer experience, while increasing a firm’s ability to improve on its own.



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