Do you know what time of day people download software? How does your favorite web browser stack up in the global distribution? The mountains of data from installCore’s analytics can give us some insight into how software travels across the globe.

infographics - Weird Download Facts

Breaking Down the Data

English as the Primary Operating System Language

The data in this section should draw some surprised reactions. In many non-English speaking countries, English is the language of choice when it comes to operating systems. Although Windows, Mac, and the other big providers allow users to set their operating languages to most of the major languages (including those that are written from right to left), users in these countries still heavily favor using English.

Whether this speaks to the ubiquity of English on the internet, or the global culture as a whole is up to the academics–we will continue distributing high quality products! installCore also provides full language localization capabilities, giving software publishers the ability to cater to preferences specific to each region.

Bottom Line: Know your target audience’s OS language, even if it may seem counter-intuitive.

Download Prime Time Per Country

When deciding what time to market your software, it’s crucial to know when users are at their computers and when they are actually downloading software. As seen for countries listed in the infographic above, about 40% of downloads occur during working hours and continue into the evening. The one glaring exception to this observation is the download behavior of German users, most of whom pretty much only download software at the end of the work day and into the late evening (between 5PM-2AM local time).

Bottom Line: Timing is everything. Hit while the iron is hot and the users are downloading.

Global Browser Distribution

As you might have expected, Chrome comes out King of global browsers. Since our findings  are based on a wide geographical spread of download data, our statistics coincide nicely with the Global Stats measurement of global browser usage.

Keep in mind that our figures measure from browsers that are making software downloads. This discrepancy between our data and that of Global Stats illustrates some interesting trends. For example, in our data, Internet Explorer was used for 27% of installCore downloads, but according to Global Stats, Explorer only accounted about 20% of the total usage. This could indicate that people on IE are more active in making software downloads than the general internet population.

Bottom Line: Know which browser is bringing home the bacon, and by bacon we mean downloads. We all know the most used browser, but the key is to know your target audience’s browser of choice for downloads.

Key Takeaways

-When distributing high quality software, remember your scale should be global. Be ready to accommodate different time zones, languages, and cultural expectations– even in countries you wouldn’t expect
-The current download climate is dominated by Chrome and Windows, but this doesn’t mean you should neglect smaller technology demographics. Niche markets may be where your software thrives. Mac OSX is one of many niche markets expected to see significant growth in the near future. Read more about how to distribute Mac OSX software
-When deciding how to deliver your software, be sure your service is equipped with high level analytics. When it comes to understanding your audience, the more data the better


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