Being able to customize your installer program can have varied effects. From enhancing customer engagement to enabling advanced monetization, investing in a branded software installer can provide businesses with incredible benefits over time. It can help keep customers engaged in the installation process and increase conversion, and help a company optimize the overall installation process by incorporating analytics and other tools.

By investing in the technology to provide more brand-centric installer software, firms will be able to focus on myriad improvements, but three in particular stand out as being especially beneficial.

Enhanced localization

Using the right installation solution allows firms to focus on making the download and installation process as seamless as possible. This means improved compatibility with varying operating systems, as well as improved language support, allowing firms to provide service to a broad range of countries across the globe, regardless of native tongue. Firms will be able to supply new demographics and markets in East Asia, Africa and other nations that may not have been possible before.


The additional customization that firms can gain with advanced installer programs allows them to focus on the monetization of the process as well. From advertisements to internal linking, companies will be able to better direct customers’ attentions and entice them with offers and information that can significantly increase the amount a company gets paid for downloads.

Optimized footprint

By investing in a customizable installation platform, firms will also be able to optimize the overall footprint of the application, reducing the required memory size before the installation process begins and speeding up overall download speeds for the customer. These efforts will enhance the overall customer experience and help firms improve their image by appealing to the average consumers’ desire for better service delivery.

Ultimately, a customized installer platform provides firms with the ability to completely overhaul the user experience during a critical point in any software sale – the download and installation process. These benefits will add up quickly, helping companies increase revenue and address customer needs for engagement and entertainment during a potentially boring occurrence. InstallCore can help companies eliminate that risk and better promote their brand across every aspect of customer interaction smoothly, while providing key back-end support for analytics, monetization and and A/B testing, as well as other key aspects of improving the installation process.

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