Employing cutting edge technologies covering a wide range of fields from behavioral analytics and cloud computing to heuristic mechanisms and adaptive algorithms, the installCore platform offers an optimal solution for the electronic distribution of software.
Unparalleled insight into the entire installation process
Today's installCore platform is built on over 5 years of dynamic development

Testing & analytics

Built-in A/B testing functionality enables the platform to constantly improve, while powerful data analysis tools provide clear understanding of the entire process.

Download Accelerator

The installCore installation client has an integrated Download Accelerator module to safely and quickly download the installation components to users’ machines. The Download Accelerator allows utilizing the user’s bandwidth to its maximum potential. Downloading effectively compressed streams of data simultaneously from several remote locations using unique acceleration algorithms may reduce download time by over 25%.

Unique compression methods

To make downloading even faster and more reliable, installCore developed a proprietary compressed data format which allows data validation in real-time and recovery of damaged parts before download completion.

Pure HTML/Javascript based

installCore’s uniquely HTML and JavaScript based installers are extremely flexible and reduce development time. No need to learn custom scripts – simply open your favorite IDE and start coding.

Full Windows API support and capabilities

The platform provides the developer with access to the windows API on target machines.  Developers may load and execute dynamic link libraries, access Windows Registry, access File System, manipulate running processes, create shortcuts, use Tray Icon, execute files and more.

Optimize footprint

Our basic installer footprint is very small (around 300KB) and continuously optimized in order to comply with market and industry requirements.

Built-in uninstall capabilities

installCore features a fully customizable uninstall wizard.

Browsers handling support

installCore allows browser home page changes, add search providers and install extensions for most popular browsers.

Complete localization

The platform offers full Unicode support including RTL and Far East languages; designated localization package ships as part of the SDK.

Support for all major Windows OS versions

installCore supports all Windows OS versions starting from Windows 2000, including localized and 64-bit systems.

Multiple Forms

installCore allows the opening of multiple forms, including popups and dialogs, each with its own look and feel.

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